Our Team

Tim Lozott
CEO & Managing Director

Tim Lozott is a US Marine veteran with expertise at the C-Suite, V-Suite and senior management level in real estate, hospitality, consumer packaged goods, retail, and cannabis sectors. Prior to founding Green Life Capital, in his his recent experience he effected organizational turnaround and turned an underperforming and undercapitalized company into a performing thriving company. The result of his leadership led the company to a successful liquidity event in a sell-side merger & acquisition of nearly $100 million, which was just under a 9x from the capital invested. Mr Lozott has expertise and over two decades of professional experience in finance and operations management within start-ups and global multi-billion-dollar organizations, including experience in capital raising, mergers & acquisitions, investment fund management and growth strategy development. Mr. Lozott’s experience from the REIT and REIT investment fund management industry includes leading large teams across multiple locations and raising over $1.5 Billion in asset backed securities; over $2 Billion in private-equity investments from institutional investors, and obtaining over $250 million in debt financing.