We aim to be a pre-eminent source of expertise, capital and market support for emerging growth small-cap private companies who need to raise funds to finance organic growth and/or strategic acquisitions and optimize shareholder value.
Our Investment Funds aim to provide full-spectrum financing and investment across the entire balance sheet. In addition, our Investment Funds aim to become lead investors and to build and leverage relationships to promote effective collaboration among other investors to support the emerging and early-stage growth and economic development for the companies operating within the United States.


Our intent is to be a driver of emerging growth and economic development over the next 10 years for early and growth stage companies.


Our Investment Funds will primarily invest in emerging growth companies, mostly revenue generating companies and in some cases early stage startups may be considered.


To support economic development in the United States a minimum of 70% of the Investment Funds will be invested in companies with operations in the United States.

Investment Size

Our Investment Funds will mostly invest up to 10% of the fund size in any given company.


Our Investment Funds will work to syndicate deals with other investors and funds.